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The head of laboratory Arctic-Shelf is Yuri P.Gudoshnikov, PhD in Geographical Science, Leading Scientist.

Laboratory Arctic-shelf is an individual subdivision of Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. Created in 1991, the laboratory successfully deals with various problems of continental shelf development and operates with the latest scientific achievements and modern equipment.

Activity of the laboratory is focused on providing hydro meteorological and ice information on various stages of design, construction, dismantling of hydro technical structures (i.e. platforms, terminals, pipelines, cables etc.) in the shelf zone of seas.

Among the members of laboratory, there are 6 PhDs, masters and specialists who guarantee laboratorys high scientific potential and provide high-quality and state-of-the-art scientific and technical researches, aimed at the study and developing of the Arctic shelf.

*Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute is the state scientific centre of the Russian Federation and belongs to the Russian Federal Service of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. In Russia, AARI is the oldest and the largest scientific research institution conducing complex study of polar regions of the Earth.

Frolov Ivan Evgenievich has been heading AARI since 1992.


· : the work of the laboratory
At present time the employees of the laboratory finish the writing of the report materials on the results of the conducted expeditions and they start the preparation to the next stage of works that are planning in the beginning of the year.
· : Summer stage of works
Summer works in the Ob'Bay and Taz Estuary in the region of oil and gaz fields are finished. The information about meteorological, hydrological and lithodynamical characteristics was received.
· : Works in the Taz Estuary
First stage of the works in the Taz Estuary is finished. The observations on hydrological, meteorological and ice characteristics were carried out in the course of expedition. The next stage is planned in May.
· :
At present time the preparations are under way for winter and summer works on support of vessel's unloading and study of the approach canal in the region of construction of port structures and LNG plant in the northern part of the Ob'Bay.
· : Yamal-winter-2011
The expedition "Yamal-winter-2011" was carried out in the eastern part of the Yamal peninsula. The main activities of the expedition were continuous observations on meteorological, hydrological and ice characteristics in the Sabetta region and support of unloading on the fast ice. The field works were started in February and finished in June.
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